This Is Our Home...Keeping It Cool

Since the founding of Bishop Carroll Catholic High School in 1962, we have been committed to assisting parents in forming Disciples of Christ. After nearly six decades carrying out this mission, Bishop Carroll is home to hundreds of young Catholic students and thousands of alumni. Part of our responsibility to our current and future students is caring for our ‘home’ and ensuring a safe, comfortable setting for our young people to learn and grow. 


When the school’s original boiler/chiller system failed in 2018, we had to take immediate steps to fix the issue. After all viable options to repair the system were explored, school leadership made the decision to install a new HVAC system that would meet the needs of our growing student body and expanded facilities. Now we need to pay off the debt incurred for the HVAC project – nearly $5 million – to ensure a strong, stable future for BCCHS and the students we serve. 


Our Special Appeal, This is Our Home…Keeping It Cool, will help us retire as much of our debt as possible, saving interest on the loan and freeing up funds for regular operational expenses and other long-term priorities for the school. The response of everyone in our school community will help us achieve this ambitious goal. Together, we embark on this path as stewards of God’s gifts. We pray that the foundation of faith established at Bishop Carroll Catholic High School will inspire us as we advance our shared mission and strive to reach our goal.

In Christ,

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