President's Message

Welcome to Bishop Carroll Catholic High School!

This school has been serving Catholic families of Wichita for more than six decades, and we’re as strong today as we’ve ever been. I say this because we have a dedicated administration, wonderful teachers, involved parents, and students invested in their own education who seek to learn more about God in the process. All of these things add up to a family atmosphere in our hallways that I’m blessed to experience every day.

Our school is also blessed to be part of the Diocese of Wichita, where the Stewardship Way of Life means that the majority of funding for high schools such as Bishop Carroll comes from the generous giving of parishioners to their parish, rather than from tuition payments made by parents. This Stewardship Model is an incredible example of what a Catholic community can accomplish when it comes together to support what it truly values, and we hope to do our part and make our community proud.

God Bless,

Leticia “Tish” Nielsen
Bishop Carroll Catholic High School