Logos & Crest

In August of 2018 two new official marks were adopted to represent the school.

Our school logo (“institutional mark”) is a negative space cross outlined by four adjoining brackets and supported by three bold chevrons, symbolizing the Chevron Cross which graces the front of our building as well as our rich religious history.

Our activities logo is an interlocking B and C in bold, italicized letters representing our namesake Bishop Mark K. Carroll as well as the forward momentum of our athletic programs and activities. Inside of the B is a cross, a reminder of the daily crosses we carry.

Bishop Carroll Catholic High School Crest

Our school crest, which appears on our Class Directory and all official Graduation invitations and Diplomas, was updated for the first time in the fall of 2019.

A golden eagle with wings outstretched sits atop a two-part banner displaying our school’s name. A shield divides the two banners, and is itself divided into four quadrants. A book icon in the upper left quadrant represents our rigorous academic tradition. The lower left icon, which features a theatrical mask, a painter’s palette and a musical note, represents our proud history of fine arts. The upper right quadrant consists of a dual colored star representing the Christian Brothers "Signum Fidei" crest. The icon in the lower right shows the winged foot of Hermes, commonly used to indicate track & field, signifying our athletic performance and success.

The shield is flanked on both sides by gold leaves, which connect the two banners.