Canvas Learning Management System

Welcome back to the new school year.  We will continure using Canvas for our online learning platform.  Canvas is an LMS (Learning Management System) which is very popular at the high school and collegiate level.  It has a student, parent, and teacher app which can be accessed by a cell phone in addition to being able to access your information on a computer.


Similar to the spring, we will still be using Microsoft Office 365 in conjunction with Canvas. We recommend you secure a computer for your online learning and rely on your phone for updates only. Please contact the school if you need a device.  Using your cell phone will NOT be sufficient for this school year, you will need some type of computer.


Computers will be used to do assignments. The phone app will be used to upload a picture for an assignment and to receive updates about upcoming assignments/quizzes/test. Please do not rely on the phone app for the bulk of your school assignments it is to be used as a supplemental.


Parents will receive instructions on how to download and use the canvas parent app.  The student must access and login into their account before the parents can use the parent app.