For the 2019-2020 school year there are 1,149 students enrolled in Grades 9-12.

Bishop Carroll Catholic High School does not discriminate on the basis of color, national origin or sex in any of its policies, practices or procedures.

Our intention is to assist as many parents as possible that are active parish stewards to obtain a Catholic school education for their children. Grade schools that request special consideration for a student with disabilities need to submit an Individual Learning Plan (ILP) for the student. Note: Poor effort or cooperation by the student or the parents jeopardizes the Parish Family Agreement and the Grade School Recommendation. Also, when deadlines are missed, students with incomplete applications may be deferred.


1. Students submit a letter of application to their pastor. This essay should explain why the student wishes to attend a Catholic high school, how they have been active in the parish, and how they plan to be active during their high school years.

2. Students must submit an application to Bishop Carroll.  Applicants must pay a $150 non-refundable registration fee.

3. Incoming freshman from Catholic grade schools will give placement exams.  Students not attending Catholic grade schools will need to contact the high school for the date and time of placement exams. 

4. A Parish Family Agreement from a supporting parish must be signed by all legal guardians and submitted to the Catholic School Office by late January. A signed Parish Family Agreement is a requirement but not a guarantee of high school admission. Pastors are under no obligation to sign a Parish Family Agreement for a student or family that does not take their parish membership seriously, and may revoke the agreement if families do not keep the agreement.

5. A satisfactory grade school recommendation must be submitted to the Catholic School Office on the form prescribed by the Diocese of Wichita. Acceptance of students who have been suspended or who have rankings of 1 or 0 will be deferred. Students who have been expelled for egregious conduct will not be admitted for one year. If the student is not a member of the sponsoring parish, the principal is to send a copy of the completed agreement to the student’s pastor as well.

6. Catholics entering from outside the Catholic school system must demonstrate satisfactory participation in a PSR program and satisfactory grade school performance. Forms are available from the high schools and are due to the Catholic School Office. Where satisfactory performance is lacking, pastors may still choose to grant a PFA for pastoral reasons.  Upperclassmen (non-Catholic and Catholics entering from outside the Diocese of Wichita) can contact Mrs. Nielsen at 316-722-2390.  The non-Catholic tuition rate is $9,800 per year.  All applicants must submit a non-refundable $150 deposit with the application and necessary recommendations.  The enrollment fee for all students for this school year is $700. 

7. Students will be formally notified of their acceptance into Bishop Carroll if all elementary school and parish requirements have been met. However, the high schools may also issue a conditional acceptance where circumstances warrant.


First priority will be given to students who meet all these criteria, as well as all deadlines for application, placement testing, fees and orientation. Final decisions about admission are determined by the high school in consultation with the pastors, except for those students who have been expelled. Priority will be given to Catholics who are active parishioners.