Mission & History


To assist parents in forming disciples of Christ who enrich the culture as stewards of God's gifts.


About Our Mission

The formation of students as disciples of Jesus occurs during the sacred liturgy, in the classroom, on the playing field, on the performance stage and everywhere a Bishop Carroll student interacts with the community. The Eucharist is the source of the summit of our lives. Students and faculty participate in daily Mass, the sacrament of confession, Eucharistic adoration, retreats, prayer throughout the day, and stewardship to family, parish and the community. Religion classes are taken each semester, taught with great fidelity to our Holy Mother Church. We strive to build up the Body of Christ by forming disciples to carry out the New Evangelization.


1962 – 1967  Brother Norbert Roseberry, FSC
1966 – 1971  Rev. David Cushing (Madonna)
1967 – 1970  Brother Joel Carr, FSC
1970 – 1973  Brother Steve Jalbert, FSC
1973 – 1975  Mr. James Weinmann
1975 – 1979  Mr. Larry Sanchez
1979 – 1986  Mr. Larry A. Whiteside
1986 – 1989  Mr. James G. McNiece
1989 – 1996  Mr. David L. Wessling
1996 – 2007  Mrs. Leticia Nielsen
2007 – Present Mrs. Vanessa (Wiseman '79) Harshberger

2007 – Present Mrs. Leticia Nielsen