Golden Eagle Café

At the Golden Eagle Café, chef Elie Tabarani and staff provide the best food options for breakfast and lunch (PDFs below). With over 70% of students at Bishop Carroll eating lunch at school, we are committed to making the best nutritional options available in order to make Bishop Carroll a healthier place. See below for important documents related to BC food service.

Lunch Account Instructions

When a student does not have sufficient money on their account to cover the cost of their meal and does not have cash, rest assured that they will not go hungry.  We believe that the body and mind both need food to function with attention and to learn most effectively.  However, high school students must learn to be responsible and aware of their own account balance. 

Parents, please monitor your student’s balance, as well as encouraging them to do so.  We never want the balance to go into the negative, but if there are extenuating circumstances, please call the food service director at the number below.  If a balance does go negative, on that day all prepackaged food and/or beverage will be removed from their tray and returned to stock.  The only allowable charge will be a balanced meal, one that follows the government guidelines.  We ask that the negative balance be cleared up the very next day.  Again, students will not be refused a meal and will not go hungry. Parents will be notified via email when lunch balances descend below zero.  You will be able to set your own positive low balance email alert with e~Funds, the online payment program.  Each semester, prior to final exams, every lunch account must have a positive or zero balance before final exams will be administered.

To make a payment, you can simply send cash or a personal check at no charge.  Or, if you prefer, you can use the same online payment system that is available for registration, fees and other school expenses for replenishing a student breakfast/lunch account.  This system ties directly into PowerSchool MBA Cafe.  You can access student balances by going to the PowerSchool Parent Portal, Balance, Meal Transactions.  To make a payment for lunch accounts, go to the e~Funds link: to “Fund Lunch.”

Here are the costs attached to using e~Funds:

    • Checking account - $1.00/transaction
    • Credit or Debit Card – $2.65 per every $100

If you have any questions about this policy, please feel free to contact Chris Farha, Food Service Director for Wichita Catholic Secondary Schools, at or 316-269-3950.


Summer Food Service Program

Bishop Carroll has been serving free breakfast and lunch to students all year.  There are many sites throughout the city that will also offer meals this summer.  You can search for a location near you by clicking on this link and scrolling down to Wichita to find locations: