Clubs & Activities


Sponsor: Mrs. Peck

Art Club is for everyone. It's a place to socialize and be creative. We like to "improve" something around the school each year. For example, one year Art Club painted the wall outside the football field. We encourage students to create original art and enter their work in contests.

Activities: Typically decided on by the students.  Different art projects are usually done throughout the week.

Meetings: Every Wednesday in the Art room.



Sponsor: Mr. Skaggs

The mission of the Bishop Carroll Bass Fishing Club is to unite people with a similar love for bass fishing.

What We Do: We participate as members of B.A.S.S. in tournaments against other high school teams throughout the state.

Meetings: Only for bass tournaments twice a semester as scheduled by Bass Nation High School Tournaments.



Sponsor: Mrs. Kobler



Sponsor: Mr. Wescott

At Dead Poets Society, we share what creativity we have--whether it's poetry, short scenes, drawings or magic tricks--and we take questions and constructive criticism on it. This group is also for those interested in learning more about the creative process, and anyone who wants to support the creatively minded.

Meeting Dates: Every other Wednesday in the Auditorium.



Sponsor: Mr. Sargent

Purpose: For students to come together and socialize and compete against one another in a safe environment.  Students are able to play video games and board games, and just hang out. Meetings are every other Friday.



Sponsors: Fr. Ed Herzog, Mr. Langenfeld

God Squad is a group of young men and women who desire to strive in their spiritual life with the same intensity as some students strive in sports, band, theater or other extracurricular activities.

What We Do: During Lent and through the first week of Easter students gather in the auditorium from 6:45-7:30am to go through various spiritual exercises. Every day includes Morning Prayer and then another spiritual exercise like the Rosary, Mass, Stations of the Cross, Spiritual reading, etc. Students may earn a varsity letter by participating at the varsity level for 2 years.



Sponsor: Sr. Mary Monica, IHM

The Handmaids of Mary is a group of young women who desire authentic virtues and a genuine prayer life in imitation of Mary, the perfect woman. In addition to fostering spiritual formation for the present, the Handmaids offer hope for the future by preparing young women to become holy wives and mothers, consecrated women, and by offering a guide along the path that God is calling them to follow.

Activities - Living Rosary: The Handmaids host a gathering of teachers and students to pray the rosary in October. May Crowning: Handmaids lead the ceremony in honor of Our Lady which includes a Liturgy of the Word, Crowning Mary, and a candle light procession. Other Activities: Advent Angels during Advent, Consecration to Mary, Christmas celebrations, Easter Sunday celebrations, Summer Picnic. In addition to having opportunities for fellowship and fun, we take time for formation and consider how to grow in our prayer life, what it means to have a devotion to Mary, striving for virtue, and true womanhood.



Sponsor: Mr. Long

The Flyer is a newsletter published six times a year by and for the student body. It highlights activities, sports and events throughout the year. Current news and original content can also be found at



Sponsor: Fr. Ed Herzog

Liturgy Club serves the spiritual and liturgical life of the Bishop Carroll community. Teams coordinate the planning of and the preparation for Holy Mass and other liturgies that are held in the AC, Cave or in the Madonna Chapel. These teams help create a sacred space where the Bishop Carroll community may gather for the Holy Eucharist and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.

Lectors assist during Holy Mass by proclaiming the word of God.  These young men and women must be truly qualified and carefully prepared for this office, so that the faithful will develop a warm and lively love for Sacred Scripture from listening to the reading from the sacred texts. Altar Servers assist during Holy Mass and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. Training for Mass teams, lectors and servers are held at the beginning of the semester.



Sponsor: Mrs. Ayres and Mrs. Diskin.

Mission: To engage in conversation with each other, build into other people that are praying for their families.

Meeting Dates: Every Friday 7:15 - 7:45am in Room 601

Activities: Free coffee! Simply pray a Memorare for your future (or current) family and get a coffee mug to fill with coffee. No coffee will leave the room, and it's a NO PHONE ZONE!



Sponsor: Mr. Pinkerton

Bishop Carroll Robotics competes against approximately thirty other teams throughout Kansas and Oklahoma in conjunction with BEST Robotics Inc. Every year, each team is given a brand new set of tasks for its robot to complete as well as more than a thousand dollars’ worth of materials to use in its construction. Bishop Carroll Robotics has six weeks to design, build, and test its robot before competing at Hartman Arena for the chance to move on to the regional tournament in Fort Smith, Arkansas.


  • Design a robot capable of completing a series of tasks
  • Construct the robot using a variety of power tools
  • Construct a replica field for robot testing using a variety of power tools
  • Test the robot for its ability to complete the required tasks
  • Operate the robot in competition

Meetings: Tuesday afternoon, Thursday afternoon, and Saturday morning during September and October.



Sponsor: Mr. Berger and Mr. Langenfeld

Scholars' Bowl is a team academic competition based on speed and knowledge in the areas of Language Arts, Social Sciences, Science, Math, Fine Arts, Current Events, Foreign Languages and other miscellaneous trivia. Teams consist of 5 players and based upon experience knowledge different teams are formed to compete at novice, JV and varsity meets. Scholars Bowl Information Sheet

Meetings: Starts in September, competitions begin in October through January with regional and state competition in February. Practice is 4 times per week, usually after school. We ask students come a minimum of 2 practices per week.



Sponsor: Mrs. Henke

Mission: To express the cultures of the Spanish speaking countries and open the doors to explore diversity.  

We always have raffles for small cultural prizes, food and drink.  We help with the Guadalupe Mass, watch movies, play games, talk and have fun.  Anyone and everyone is welcome to join us.  You do not have to speak or know Spanish to join in the fun. We usually meet the first Wednesday of each month after school in Room 202.  The next club meeting is always posted on white board in Room 202. 



Sponsors: Tony Goebel, Shawn Hoebener, Don Ring, and Matt Baalmann, John Owen (Head Range Safety Officer)

Our biggest goal is to teach marksmanship and gun safety.  Our secondary goal is to have fun and be competitive in our league. 

What We Do: We compete in 1A Conference 6 which is composed of the largest 6 SQUADS in the state, in both spring and fall leagues.  Our coaches are 100% parents of current or graduated students (even though it would be nice to have a teacher that could help with communications).  Mrs George and Mrs Blackwell are a tremendous resource for the team.  Students also sell raffle tickets and work a sporting clays shoot for the Wichita Area Builders Association to earn scholarships that go to cover their expenses. 

Meetings: All of our shooting activities occur at Ark Valley Gun Club at 117th North and Oliver.  We shoot on Tuesday Evenings and Saturday afternoons during the seasons.



Sponsor: Mrs. Fox

Spectrum is the student-produced yearbook. Produced every year since 1966, it has gone by many previous names, but was named the Spectrum was previously called the “Aquila,” which is now the name of the alumni magazine.