Stewardship Model

Stewardship in the Catholic Diocese of Wichita

Stewardship is the grateful response of a Christian disciple who recognizes and receives God’s gifts and shares these gifts in love of God and neighbor.

In one of his early Papal addresses, Pope Francis reminded us, “If something is true, it is good and beautiful; if it is good, it is beautiful and true; and if it is beautiful, it is true and good.”  Then, referring to the privilege of Catholic education, he said, “True education enables us to love life and opens us to the fullness of life.” (Pope Francis, Address with Italian school teachers, parents, educators, pupils and other workers, May 10, 2014).

Catholic education in the Diocese of Wichita is true, good and beautiful.  From kindergarten through the twelfth grade, students in our diocese are under a mission of education – true education – grounded in the spirituality of Stewardship and committed to by each parish.  Parish-based primary and middle schools are supported fully by the parish so that the children of the parish are able to receive a Catholic education, regardless of a family’s economic means. Daily, these students excel academically and learn about their Catholic faith. They pray, practice self-discipline, and learn to put others’ needs before their own. They are being formed, through the gift of Catholic education, into Christian disciples of Jesus Christ, advancing the educational mission of the Catholic Diocese of Wichita.

Since 1991, the high schools in the Catholic Diocese of Wichita have operated under a similar system to that of the parish-based primary and middle schools. Rather than from individual tuition payments from Catholic students who are active stewards in their parish, the majority of the funding of the Wichita Diocesan high schools, like Bishop Carroll Catholic High School, comes from the sacrificial, proportional and generous giving of parishioners to their parish, and the parishes, in turn, sponsor their students to attend our school. Thus, Catholic students who desire the excellent educational and formational opportunities that our school provides may attend without regard to the student’s or his or her family’s economic capabilities.

Unlike the parish-based schools, however, the diocesan high schools do not receive the totality of their needed funding through the parish stewardship model. Individual families are required to pay book and technology fees, parking fees, and certain activity fees to cover the cost of certain consumable materials inherent in the high school setting. Additionally, each of the Catholic high schools in the Catholic Diocese of Wichita conducts development activities to raise necessary funds to cover each year’s operational expenditures. The Bishop Carroll fund is an example of this and is vital to the continued success and vibrancy of Bishop Carroll Catholic High School. Every Bishop Carroll family is invited and encouraged to become engaged in and be a supporter of the Bishop Carroll Fund.

Bishop Carroll Catholic High School is blessed to operate under the stewardship model and its resultant spirituality. The fruits of the spirituality of stewardship include a recognition that everything we have and all that we are is a gift from God.  We respond to that gift by giving our first fruits in:

  • Spending time with God in prayer - individually, communally and as a family
  • Sharing talents by serving in our parish and community
  • Giving treasure sacrificially, proportionally and generously

We recognize that a Catholic high school education is a privilege, and not a right. We are blessed to be able to partner with our families to provide this privilege to the thousands of Bishop Carroll students and alumni who, within our halls, classrooms, courts, fields, stages, and chapels, have continued their formational journey towards discipleship in Jesus Christ.

“As each one has received a gift, use it to serve one another as good stewards of God’s varied grace.”  1 Peter 4:10