All Fall School portraits have been posted to your student's private gallery. You should be able to view the images by texting their private access code to 90738 or if you prefer to view them on your computer go to and use the same code. If you did not receive a code, it is located at the bottom of your student's school ID or you can email [email protected] to request a code. 


Fall Athletics team and individual portraits will be posted soon. Those images will also be located in your private gallery. Or if you'd like to preview a general gallery of all images, text BCFALL23 to 90738. You'll receive a link in return that you can follow to view all images. We highly recommend that you use the FaceFind tool to quickly find your specific images. It is much easier than browsing through all images to find yours. 


As the year progresses, we continue to add more images from sports, activities, and graduation. Each of these events will be uploaded and any images of your student will automatically assimilate to your gallery so that you can have them collected in one location. Keep your access code as it will be the same for your gallery throughout the year.


For future reference - codes for upcoming galleries will be as follows:


Homecoming - BCHOME23

Winter Athletics - BCWINTER23

Spring Athletics - BCSPRING23

Clubs and Group pictures - BCCLUB23

Prom - BCPROM23

Graduation - BCGRAD23

Retakes are scheduled for September 27

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