Welcome to Our New Website!

We're very excited to unveil the new and improved bcchs.org! There are some really neat features to see, but we wanted to bring your attention to a few things in particular:

  • These “Quick Links” are some of the most visited pages on our old site, so they’ve been put front and center on the home page.
Quick Links
  • Check out the new events calendar! In addition to being integrated into the home page, the individual calendar page (see pic below) is cleaner and more streamlined, with easy options to print and subscribe.
  • We’ve got an app! Along with a more mobile friendly version of the site, we also now have an app called “School News,” available on Android and iPhone, where you can keep up with BC news and events. In addition, you can choose to receive special text alerts from the school through the app.
  • Several new pages have been added, like this one about our namesake and these pages showing different ministries here at BC.
We really hope you enjoy our new website. Go Eagles!
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