The Communities

The Community System is Bishop Carroll's way of organizing and engaging the student body. In it each student is assigned to one of eight Saint-dedicated communities which are represented by a full-length banner designed by Carly Honas '18.

St. Andre Bessette

Faculty Dean: Tracey Fox
Student Coordinators: Maddi Roberts & Preston Rottinghaus
Vision Statement: Looking to the Cross, just as St. Andre Bessette did, our community will go forth with a zeal to make God known through our love and service to our neighbors.
St. Andre Bessette Quote: "The Cross of Christ is our only Hope."

St. Dominic Savio

Faculty Dean: Katie Barrientos
Student Coordinators: Sonora Vossen & Jace White
Vision Statement: Shaping the future of Bishop Carroll Catholic High School by empowering students to follow Saint Dominic Savio’s example of service, sacrifice, and sanctity.
St. Dominic Savio Quote: “Nothing seems tiresome or painful when you are working for God.”

St. John Paul II

Faculty Dean: Mike Skaggs
Student Coordinators: Aiden Albers & Madison Hegarty
Vision Statement: To see Christ in everything we do and embody St. John Paul II’s message of love, involvement with the youth, and the ecumenical work of uniting everyone regardless of faith or background.
St. John Paul II Quote: “Darkness can only be scattered by light, hatred can only be conquered by love.”

St. Maximilian Kolbe

Faculty Dean: Melissa Seiler
Student Coordinators: Brady Pacha & Lauren Stallbaumer
Vision Statement:  Through St. Maximilian Kolbe as the patron of families and a martyr of charity, our community will live out the charism of familial, sacrificial love through our actions of charity toward each other and the greater BC Community.
St. Maximilian Kolbe Quote: “Let us remember that love lives through sacrifice and is nourished by giving.... Without sacrifice there is no love.”

St. Philip Neri

Faculty Dean: Cory Swords
Student Coordinators: Maryanne Hartwell & George Walden
Vision Statement: We seek to ignite each heart with a love of Christ and neighbor as did St. Philip Neri.  St. Philip sought to evangelize the people of Rome by building relationships through dialogue and humor.
St. Philip Neri Quote: "Do not let a day pass without doing some good during it.”

St. Sebastian

Faculty Dean: Heather Loveless
Student Coordinators: Anna Lasak & Mattie Lane
Vision Statement:  In Christ we Inspire, Strengthen, and Endure. Our community will represent the strength and endurance of St. Sebastian by inspiring active participation, in that every person has an opportunity to achieve their fullest potential.
St. Sebastian Quote: "O valiant warriors of Christ!  Do not cast away your everlasting crowns of victory!"

St. Teresa of Calcutta ("Mama T")

Faculty Deans: Jessica Schippers & John Barber
Student Coordinators: Maggie Brandt & Grace Gorges
Vision Statement: To live out the faith through prayer, meaningful service, and joyful camaraderie. St. Teresa of Calcutta was the founder of the Missionaries of Charity, whose mission is “to quench the thirst of Jesus Christ on the cross for love of souls.”  She was a true witness of JOY:  putting Jesus first, Others second, and Yourself third.  Under her patronage, we will strive to bring JOY to all those we encounter.
St. Teresa of Calcutta Quote: “Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.”

St. Therese of Lisieux

Faculty Dean: Aubrey Logsdon
Student Coordinators: Hoang Nguyen & Lainie Steven
Vision Statement: We will grow in faith and fellowship while building mentor relationships (student/student and student/teacher). We will use our gifts to serve others and witness Christ’s love, imitating the Little Way of St. Therese.
St. Therese of Lisieux Quote: “Miss no single opportunity of making some small sacrifice, here by a smiling look, there by a kindly word; always doing the smallest right and doing it all for love.”