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By: Writing Department
Mon Jan 6 2013

Stewardship Hours for 2015 graduating Seniors
A new café will be opening soon at Botanic. Our plan is to open around June 1st. I was wondering if any of your students in need of volunteer hours for college or certain programs, might be interested in volunteering for us. They would be making drinks with an espresso machine, serving coffee, wraps, salads and baked goods. They would need to acquire a food handler's card, which I could help them with. If you think any of your students might be interested please contact me at njm813@gmail.com or 264-0448

Help Wanted:

Food Server Position at Reflection Ridge Retirement Community
Minimum age is 16
2 hour shifts 7 days a week. (they will work around school schedule)—minimum wage

Please call Suzanne at 721-0500 for more information.

The Retirement Community also desperately needs someone to come to their library once a week to arrange and organize books. Some residents do help but they are not always available. See your religion teacher about how this may apply towards stewardship hours.

Stewardship Hours for next year’s juniors and seniors:
Garage Sale at the Sisters of St. Joseph – Help is needed June 18 (8:00am start time), June 19 (9:00am start time), and June 20 (3:00pm-6:00pm). If interested, contact Kathy Gilmartin at kgilmartin@stepstoneke.org or 316-684-5120.

Special Olympics Volunteers Needed
The Summer games will be held June 7 and 8. June 7, volunteers are needed to help with a barbecue for  coaches and staff. June 8, the games begin! Volunteers must be 16 or accompanied by an adult. Families volunteering together are welcome! contact Deborah at Deborah_Weber@cargill.com or by phone (316) 291-2534 to volunteer or for more information.

Pro-Life Summer Intern Opportunity
If you are interested in helping with the pro-life movement and volunteering as a Summer Intern, please consider Kansans For Life.  We have several interesting and effective pro-life efforts to choose from. A few are listed here.
*Because 2014 is an election year, there will be plenty of opportunities to help candidates, especially during the primary election cycle.  We would help you make a difference in a significant campaign.

 *There is significant need to promote educational programs at churches for the fall.  Working with pastor in setting up these programs and being involved in the presentation is what this entails.

The hours are flexible to fit with your summer schedule.  Our State Office is in Wichita.

If interested in being a Summer Intern, please call David at 1-800-928-5433 or 316-687-5433 or e-mail davidgittrich@yahoo.com


Check back later for more opportunities!


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