Safe Homes Pledge

document Safe Home Pledge Form (16 KB)

The Safe Homes Pledge (does NOT have to be resigned every year at August registration time)

    To safeguard the students of Bishop Carroll Catholic High School, by providing safe gatherings for them, I/we pledge that:

  • I will not allow parties or gatherings in my home when I am not there.  Realizing that out-of-control parties may occur when parents are out of town, I will arrange proper supervision for my child(ren) when I am absent for more than a few hours.
  • I will not serve alcohol to, nor will allow young people under legal drinking age to consume alcohol in my home or on my property.
  • I will not allow the use of or the presence of any illegal drugs in my home or on my property.
  • I will phone to make sure that parents are expecting my student as a guest in their home.  I will welcome phone calls from other parents at any time.

I/We realize that this document is not legally binding in itself but rather an agreement to uphold the laws of the State of Kansas regarding controlled substances.  I hereby give my word of honor as a concerned member of our bishop Carroll Catholic High School community that I/we will abide by its provisions.

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