Vision & Goals

Community System Vision Statement

The primary objective of the Community System at Bishop Carroll Catholic High School is to further enhance our mission by enriching our culture through building community with our students, parents, staff, and alumni. The Community System will provide a vehicle for strong bonds between all members of the school community, promote the development of relationships (both personal and collegiate), and enable a more proactive development of each student’s leadership skills.

Our vision is directly tied to the mission of the school. We exist to serve God and serve others. Through the Community system, we hope to ensure that the students in our communities and houses are ministered to as complex individuals with spiritual, physical, emotional, relational, and intellectual needs. Our house and community plans will take all of these aspects into account in order to best serve the needs of the students. Through the community system, we will provide space and time for students to build their relationship with Christ. This is the first and most important calling of our system. We will not only open and close each gathering in prayer, but we will also provide an opportunity for other types of prayer and expression of the spiritual realities we encounter on a daily basis. We desire to lead everyone to Christ through prayer and the sacraments, through experiencing the Holy Spirit alive in others, and through living a life of joy found in fellowship and beauty. Furthermore, time will be allotted to building relationships through fun activities, games, and competitions. This assists in developing the relational, emotional, and physical needs that not all students meet through other means at Bishop Carroll. Additionally, this will foster the development and manifestation of leadership skills.  It will also provide opportunities for discipleship and mentoring. Through these various aspects, we hope to enrich the culture by forming the whole person, who will serve as a Disciple of Christ.  

Goals of the Community System

To ensure individual care by providing each student with at least two adults - a Community Dean and a House Mentor - who will monitor and support the academic, social, and spiritual growth of each student

To enhance the mission provided to all our students by embracing our Catholic values and traditions

To strengthen the bonds of Bishop Carroll Catholic High School, creating a family spirit among the students, as well as the whole school community.

To create opportunities for 64 students from each grade level (9th-12th) to be trained and to serve as student leaders.

To advance each student’s interpersonal relationship skills.

To promote open discourse between students and faculty.

To enhance the community strength beyond Bishop Carroll Catholic High School to the greater community of Wichita.

To plan, organize, and coordinate school activities, including dances, service, and spirit-related functions.