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“The Mission of Bishop Carroll Catholic High School is to assist parents in forming Disciples of Christ

who enrich the culture as stewards of God’s gifts.”





“United with the family, the parish, and each other, Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Wichita

FORM DISCIPLES OF JESUS CHRIST who seek the Truth, grow to love It, and learn to live It.”




Table of Contents

Graduation Requirements
Academic Progress
Athletic Activity Eligibility
Qualified Admissions Requirements
Kansas Scholars Curriculum
NCAA Eligibility Clearinghouse
Grades and Grading
Honor Roll
Course Leveling and Point Value
Honors Diploma
Cum Honore Diploma
Friends and Newman University Advanced Standing Program
2014-2015 Enrollment Procedures
Drop/Add Policy

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Course Number - number assigned to identify a course (e.g. German 221)
Credit -Amount awarded for successful completion of a course.  Semester courses equal .50 credit; full year courses equal 1.0 credit unless otherwise indicated.
Level I -These courses are honors classes and the GPA is weighted.  They are figured on a 4.4 scale.
Level II -These courses are regular classes and are not weighted.  Level II courses are figured on a 4.0 scale.
Prerequisite - (P) - Condition(s) that must be met in order to enroll in a designated course (e.g. Foods must be completed before student can enroll in Gourmet Foods).
Requirement - A course that must be taken and successfully completed in order to meet graduation requirements.
Semester -Two nine-week grading periods or a total of eighteen weeks.
Teacher Approval - (TA) - The student must receive a signature from an instructor prior to being enrolled.


Bishop Carroll Catholic High School Graduation Requirements

Religion                                            4 Credits
English                                               4 Credits
Social Studies                                    3 Credits
Science                                              3 Credits
Mathematics                                      3 Credits
Physical Education                             1 Credit
World Language                               1 Credit
Word Processing                                .5 Credit
Fine Arts                                            1 Credit
Elective Courses                                4.5 Credits
                                                          25 Total Credits


The two semesters of Fine Arts credit must be from the following classes:  Advanced Art, Intro to Art, Ceramics, 3D Mixed Design, Drawing, Drawing II, Painting I, Painting II, Band I, II, III, IV, Carrolleers, Chanterelles, Concert Choir, Madrigals, World of Music, Introduction to Drama, Technical Theater, Acting I, II, III, or IV, Broadcasting I and Broadcasting II. 

The following Language Arts courses may also be used to fulfill the Fine Arts credits:  Forensics, Creative Writing, Debate I, II, III, IV, Journalism, Newspaper, Photojournalism, Yearbook or Speech.

Academic Progress

All students are expected to make satisfactory progress toward graduation.  Students will attain 5 credits by the end of the freshman year, 11 credits by the end of the sophomore year and 18 credits by the end of the junior year.  Students who do not have these credits by the end of the school year (not including summer school) will not return to Bishop Carroll the next academic year.


Grades and Grading

A uniform grading scale is used.  Report cards are issued at semesters.  The semester grade will be based on course work (90%) plus the semester exam (10%).  The Wichita Diocesan uniform grading scale is:

A+       = 99-100
A         = 94-98
A-        = 92-93
B+        = 90-91
B          = 85-89
B-        = 83-84
C+        = 81-82
C          = 76-80
C-        = 74-75
D+       = 72-73
D         = 67-71
D-        = 65-66
F         = 64 and below

Semester Honor Roll

First Honors:             4.0 and above  (No D’s or F’s)
Second Honors:        3.99 – 3.50      (No F’s)
Third Honors:           3.49 – 3.25     (No F’s)

Each semester three levels are recognized by their current grade point average.  A failing grade in any course automatically disqualifies the student from honor roll.



Course Leveling and Point Value

The degree of difficulty determines the course level.  Level I courses are identified by “*” at the end of the course name.  Point values used for each of the levels are:

Level I
Level II
A = 4.4 A=4.0
B = 3.3 B = 3.0
C=2.2 C=2.0
D=1.1 D=1.0


Level I Courses

English I, II, III Honors*, Advanced Placement English*, World History Honors*, U.S. History Honors*, U.S. History Continued Honors*, & U.S. Government Honors*

Algebra II Honors*, College Algebra*, Pre-Calculus*, Advanced Placement Calculus I*

Chemistry I Honors*, Physics I Honors*, Biology Honors*, Advanced Chemistry II*, Physics II*

Prayer & Liturgy Honors* (Liturgy Honors*), Salvation History Honors* (Old Testament Honors*), New Testament Honors*, Christian Morality Honors* (Morality Honors*), Church History Honors*, Catholic Social Teaching Honors* (Catholic Social Doctrine Honors*), Faith and Reason Honors*, Christian Vocation Honors*, Logic* and Introduction to Philosophy.*

St. Gianna Catholic Health Academy*, Tom Seiler Teaching Academy: Field Expirence*

Bishop Carroll Catholic High School Honors Diploma

This diploma is awarded to seniors with a 3.8 cumulative GPA who have successfully completed a minimum of 26 semester credits of honors classes. 

The Bishop Carroll Cum Honore Scholars Program

The Cum Honore Scholars Program is designed to challenge students to excel academically, spiritually, and to become well rounded adults.  To graduate with a Cum Honore diploma a student must have completed  28 semester credits of honors classes from Bishop Carroll Catholic High School, meet BCCHS graduation requirements, and have a cumulative GPA of 4.0.  Acceptable Honors classes are all *Level I classes offered at Bishop Carroll.  Listed below is an example of a Cum Honore four-year schedule:

The Bishop Carroll Cum Honore Scholars Program Example

*English I Honors *English II Honors *English III Honors *AP English
Adv. Algebra I or Advanced Geometry *Biology Honors *Advanced Chemistry II *U.S. History Cont. Honors
*Chemistry I Honors *World History Honors *U.S. History Honors *U.S. Government Honors
*Physics I Honors Advanced Geometry or *Honors Algebra II *Algebra II Honors/College Algebra/Pre-Calculus *Pre-Calculus or AP Calculus
Physical Education *New Testament Honors World Language III *Physics II
*Prayer and Liturgy Honors *Christian Morality Honors *Church History Honors *Faith and Reason Honors/*Christian Vocations Honors
*Salvation History Honors World Language II *CST Honors World Language IV
World Language I Elective Elective Fine Arts
Word Processing/Elective Fine Arts Fine Arts
Fine Arts


Friends and Newman University Advanced Standing Program

Friends or Newman University has approved the following courses for college credit for the 2012-2013 school year.  A student must have a 3.0 or better cumulative GPA.  Please check with the Counseling Office concerning enrollment, fees, and other specifics*.


BCCHS Course
College Course NO.
Course Name
AP English* ENG 2003 Introduction to Literature 3
Physics II* PHSC 1004 General Physical Science 4
Pre-Calculus* MATH 112 Trigonometry 3
  MATH 111 College Algebra 3
College Algebra* MATH 1043 College Algebra 3
U.S. History (Honors)* HIST 140 American History 1 3
U.S. History Cont.(Honors)* HIST 150 American History 2 3
U.S. Government (Honors)* POLS 100 American Government 3
AP Calculus I* MATH 2015 Calculus 5
Christian Vocation Honors* & THEO 2003 Introduction to Doctrine 3
Faith and Reason Honors*
Introductions to Logic PHIL 1023 Introduction to Logic 3
Communications in Health Science*
Field experience*

*Friends, NU and BCCHS have the right to discontinue this program without notice.
Note:  Other courses may be available for Friends or NU credit, consult your counselor for details.


Qualified Admissions Requirements for Admission to a
Kansas Regents 4-year University

Beginning with the class of 2015, a student must meet the first three of the following requirements
and one of the last two to qualify for admission to any of the six Kansas Regents Universities.
Students in a class prior to 2015 should review their Board of Regents Qualified Admissions
 Requirements agreement form.

  • Complete the qualified admissions curriculum
  • Student must have a minimum of a 2.0 grade point average (GPA) on a 4.0 scale in the
  • qualified admissions curriculum
  • Achieve a 22 composite score in Math on the ACT or complete 4 credits of Math with the
  • final class being in the senior year and
  • Achieve an ACT score of 21 or above; or,
  • Rank in the top one-third of your high school’s graduating class.


Students in the class of 2016 who want to attend KU must complete the qualified admissions
Curriculum with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 and an ACT composite score of 24 or higher
Or have a 3.25 cumulative GPA and an ACT composite score of 21 or higher.

Pre-College Curriculum
English                                                              4 Credits
Social Studies                                                    3 Credits
Mathematics                                                     3 Credits
(Including one unit each of Algebra IA & Algebra IB or Algebra I or Advanced
Algebra I; and Algebra II, or Advanced Algebra II or Algebra II Honors*; and
Geometry or Advanced Geometry)
Science                                                             3 Credits
(Including one unit each of Chemistry I & Physics I, or Chemistry I Honors* and
Physics I Honors*; Biology, or Biology Honors*; Chemistry II or Advanced
Chemistry II*; or Physics II*.  If a student has a composite score of 21 or higher than
they may substitute; Ecology and Anatomy for Chemistry II, Adv. Chemistry II
or Physics II.)


Kansas Scholars Curriculum & Kansas Board of Regents Recommended Curriculum

To be considered a Kansas Board of Regents Recommended Curriculum completer and to qualify for the following state-sponsored scholarship programs:  Kansas State Scholars Program, Ethnic Minority Scholarship Program, and the Kansas Teachers’ Scholarship, the student must complete the required curriculum for the Pre-College Curriculum for Qualified Admissions Requirements plus the following:

Mathematics                                  4 Credits Total
(Including one unit each of Algebra I or Advanced Algebra I; Algebra II or Advanced Algebra II or Algebra II Honors*; Geometry or Advanced Geometry; and one of the following: College Algebra*,  Pre-Calculus* or AP Calculus*.)

Science                                          3 Credits
(Including Biology or Biology Honors*; Chemistry II or Advanced Chemistry II*; and Physics II*)

World Language                          2 Credits in one World Language


College Bound Student Athletes

Students who are planning to enroll in college and wish to participate in NCAA Division I or II athletics or NAIA athletics should schedule a meeting with their counselor to review the eligibility requirements early in their high school career.

NCAA Eligibility Clearinghouse

Students who are interested in playing at a Division I or Division II School must sign up with the NCAA Clearinghouse at http://web1.ncaa.org/eligibilitycenter.  Students should be aware of the core course requirements to participate in sports.  To participate at a Division I school, the student must have successfully completed 16 core courses and meet ACT requirements.  To participate at a Division II school, the student must have successfully completed 16 core courses and meet ACT requirements.

These courses are subject to change without notice by the NCAA Initial-Eligibility Clearinghouse.  Students register with the Clearinghouse after completion of their junior year.  Please contact one of the counselors for further information concerning athletic eligibility.

Athletic/Activity Eligibility

At the end of the semester, students with a current grade point average of 1.5 or below and/or two
or more grades of F will become ineligible to participate in school sponsored activities the
following semester (i.e. KSHSAA, clubs etc.).

At the mid-term or end of each nine-week grading period those students who earned three or more D’s
and F’s or two F’s will be placed on mandatory grade checks and tutoring.  To be able to compete or perform, the student must submit a grade check form each week to the Athletic Director indicating that
 the student has completed all assignments in all classes and has received a minimum of three tutoring sessions from his/her teachers totaling a minimum of 90 minutes each week.  The student may continue
to practice, but will be suspended from performances and competitions if they do not meet the terms
stated above.  The student will remain on these weekly grade checks until the next grade check, either
the end of the 9 weeks or the 4 ½ week deficiency report period.  The student must submit weekly grade check forms personally to the Athletic Director to verify that the student is making satisfactory progress.

Any student who withdraws from Bishop Carroll to attend another school may be declared ineligible
for athletic and activity participation if:  (a) the student has not made a bona-fide move from one residence to another; (b) or the student failed to complete the designated number of courses with
passing grades.  Students must pass five subjects during the course of the last semester attended. Students transferring to another school must initiate a certificate of transfer form (KSHSAA Form) from the receiving school to his/her former school.  The Athletic Director can answer questions concerning eligibility.



2013-2014 Enrollment Procedures

  1. Students and parents should have completed their Parish Family Agreement Form in order for enrollment to be processed.  Contact your parish pastor to get this form.
  2. Students will receive enrollment instructions in their English classes Wednesday, February 20, 2013.  Students are to enroll on-line during the open on-line enrollment
    dates of February 20th through February 28th, 2013.
  3. Students will be called in to see their counselor once the on-line enrollment period is over.  They will be given a verification form of their enrollment.
  4. Students and parents must sign the verification form.  If any instructor approval class is selected, the student must also get an instructor’s signature on the verification form.
  5. The student is to return the completed verification form and the nonrefundable enrollment fee by March 28, 2013 to the Bookkeeper in the Main Office.  Changes made or mistakes corrected should be noted on the verification form, signed and returned to the Bookkeeper in the Main Office.  THE FORM MUST BE SIGNED BY PARENT(S) AND STUDENT. 
The verification form is not a guarantee that the student will be enrolled in the class and it is NOT a schedule for next year.    

Final reminders to students:  (A) Discuss your course choices with your parents.  (B) Seek
help from your teachers and counselor if necessary.  (C) Both parent and student must
sign enrollment and verification forms.  Have teachers sign verification forms for all
teacher approval classes.  NOTE:  Students will not be enrolled in these classes without a signature.  Every effort will be made to meet the course requests made by students. 
Students are reminded that in the case of schedule conflicts or classes being closed due to maximum enrollments, the counselors may make changes.

Drop/Add Policy

Bishop Carroll Catholic High School’s policy is to discourage any changes from classes once spring enrollment is complete.  Prior to enrolling, students along with parents, teachers and counselors should have determined the best course of study to pursue based on student interests and abilities.  Class offerings, faculty hiring and assignments, are based on the spring enrollment for the following school year.  To make the best utilization of limited space and faculty, we discourage dropping or adding classes following the spring enrollment.  Recognizing, however, that circumstances do change, the following schedule change policy has been established.

SCHEDULE CHANGES will only be made for the following reasons:
A.  Student is not enrolled in a required class.
B.  Student is enrolled in a class for which he or she has already received credit.
C.  Student has not met prerequisites.
D.  Student’s schedule is incomplete.
E.  A teacher has recommended that the student advance to a higher-level course.
F.  A teacher has recommended that the student move to a lower level course or drop a class if they have failed.


FIRST SEMESTER:  Schedule changes should be done in August prior to the first day of class.  All schedule changes must be from the approved list of SCHEDULE CHANGES.  All schedule changes must be completed by the second day of first semester.  

A $25 fee will be charged per schedule change, not the number of classes changed.  If a student must repeat a required course, or there is a conflict in scheduling, the schedule change will be made without a charge.

SECOND SEMESTER:  All schedule changes must be completed before the second day of classThe student must obtain and complete a drop/add form.  The student must indicate from the approved list of SCHEDULE CHANGES the reason for the request.  The form must be signed by all teachers involved, parents, and returned to the counselor with a $25 fee.


Bishop Carroll Catholic High School is accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools and the State of Kansas.  It is a member of the National Catholic Educational Association.




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