Academic Honors

Bishop Carroll Catholic High School is proud to announce two National Merit Finalists for the 2016-17.

The National Merit Corporation has named two Bishop Carroll Seniors, Jeffrey Birth and Nathaniel Lies as National Merit Finalists.  Jeffrey and Nathaniel were named finalists from the 16,000 semifinalists that were named in September 2016.  Semifinalists are the highest-scoring entrants in the each state and represent less than 1% of each state's high school seniors.  Birch and Lies now have the opportunity to receive one of the approximately 7,500 National Merit Scholarships.  The scholarships are available this spring and total over 33 million dollars. 

Jeffrey Birch is the son of Matthew and Kelly Birch.  Nathaniel Lies is the son of Linda Lies and the late Joseph Lies.  Congratulations Jeffrey and Nathaniel!

Semifinalists (left to right): Jeffrey Birch and Nathaniel Lies



The BCCHS tradition of performing better on the ACT than the local, State and National averages continues. The Wichita Eagle reported on August 2014 that the average composite score for Kansas students was 22 – up 0.2 percent from 2013 and above the national average of 21 out of a possible 36.

Kansas ACT scores remained the same in math but increased in English, reading and science. Seventy-five percent of Kansas graduates took the ACT exam this year, compared to 57 percent nationally.

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The ACT average composite for BCCHS is 23.7; the local average composite for Wichita is 20.4, Maize 23.0 and Goddard 21.5. The State average composite is 21.7 and the National average composite is 20.9.

The counselors at BCCHS recommend that students who want to improve their ACT scores complete a rigorous curriculum. To illustrate the difference in curriculum, below we have listed the average ACT composite score for BCCHS students who completed the BCCHS required Core Curriculum, Kansas Regent Qualified Curriculum, Kansas Regents Scholar Curriculum and the BCCHS Honors Diploma Curriculum:

BCCHS required Core Curriculum (pg. 3 Course Directory) ACT average is 22.2

Kansas Regents Qualified Admissions Curriculum (pg. 4 Course Directory) ACT average is 24.6

Kansas Regents Scholars Curriculum (pg. 4 Course Directory) ACT average is 26.5

BCCHS Honors Diploma Curriculum (pg. 7 Course Directory) ACT average is 28.94